HorseTongue is a company of young individuals who love music, parties, and entertainment. We do what we love and we want DJs and producers from around the world to be able to do the same. Since 2013, we have been traveling around the globe and meeting with people who share the same passions as us. We use the contacts, that we made, to help our friends who want to enjoy life to the fullest and do what they love. As a result of our travels, we have created an ever-expanding network of people throughout California, New York, Panama, London, Ibiza, Prague, Dubai, India, and China. Therefore, we know the scene well and want to share our knowledge with as many artists as we can.
HorseTongue can be your record label, agent, a resource to help realize and achieve your dreams, or an advisor in case you’re not sure what you want to do.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
HorseTongue Global Team